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In the digital marketing and App design and development space, if you are looking to partner with the right agency, Nextweb is who can collaborate with to give your business a boost up and thrust it in the right direction. So that you gain from your online presence and also have your own customised business App. Nextweb can get all of this and more done, just ask us!

We are leading App Developers in Australia

As established app developers in Australia, we have been developing mobile apps ever since smartphones have become the be-it-all for customers who surf and spend time in the online world.

Over time, we have been specializing in building mobile Apps for our small and medium business customers’ based in and around the Continent Australia. And we have been able to increase their reach and visibility thanks to our intuitive Apps designed exclusively for their business and service.

Our mobile Apps are created and designed by our expert developers in-house in our office based out of Brisbane, Australia. And it is their expertise and in-depth knowhow that has helped us create scalable mobile Apps for customers.

Our native App design and development is seen on both Android and iOS platforms and based on our customer requirement, we create Apps on a mobile platform of their choice.
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Top-Notch Mobile App Solution

iOS app development Brisbane

The Mobile Apps

The mobile App folks at Nextweb are in the know of what’s trending in the mobile App world. And that is where we are able to make the difference for all our customers’..

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Mobile App Developers Australia

Mobile Apps Design & Development

At Nextweb, we have talented and engaging mobile Apps design and development team members who come with the right match of knowhow and expertise in both Android..

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Apps Development Australia

Our Mobile Apps High in User Experience

Aesthetics, functionality and of course a good user interface that is as per a neatly devised user experience makes up the Nextweb mobile Apps. We believe in making..

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Social Media

The catch term Social Media stands for sites and platforms that offer scope for users to engage in social interaction and networking via sharing of content, posts, images, pictures and videos.

E-Mail Marketing

Emails serve as the vehicle to promote, announce and advertise about the business and services. So existing and potential customers’ receive emails about any new company initiatives, releases, offers or services.

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Facebook Advertising

If you create a page for your business on the social media site, Facebook, then it is Facebook advertising. Once you create an exclusive presence for your business on FB, facebook users, depending upon their interests,

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Google My Business

If you want the public to take notice of your business, then business advertising is the way to go. The online media serves as the perfect platform to announce, sell, endorse, and advertise about your services and products.

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Social media marketing is all about employing and utilizing the available platforms on social media and the different websites so as to promote, endorse and advertise about a business, service, product or person.

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Our Services

iOS Development

It is an operating system created by Apple solely to serve as the mobile platform for its in-house mobile devices. The famous Apple..

Android Development

Android is a software and Linux based OS that is created specifically for mobile phones and devices like tablets and smartphones..

Frontend Web-Development

If a layman were to ask what Frontend web development is all about, in a simple way, it can be defined as a blend of web layout..

Project Management

As per the Association for Project Management, “Project management is the application of processes, methods, knowledge, skills and experience..”

UI Design

If you are looking for good, unique user interface or UI designs for your mobile App, and of course your website too, you know whom to call isn’t it?..

UX Design & Research

If you want an experiential website or mobile App that is high on user experience then the Nextweb team will be able to deliver just what you want..

Web Designing


Smartphones and tablets are slowly but steadily replacing traditional devices like desktops and laptops in terms of online search.


Ecommerce is basically any commerce, or business transaction, buying and selling on the internet or through specific websites.


WordPress is one of the best and easy to use and manage CMS-content management system. It is perfect for blogging and websites too.

Custom CMS

Custom CMS or content management system is created exclusively for a business or service to use. The platform caters to what the business

Graphic / Logo Design

Graphic design is a method of generating textual-based and visual-based images and content so as to share the right messages

Website Hosting

Web hosting is a type of hosting service specific to the online presence. It lets anyone, say a business, individual, service.


Domains are the means by which you are identified online. Your domain name is exclusive to you and no one else will be assigned.

Design Layout

If you want to know what web design layout or design layout as it is commonly referred as, then it is a fixed, predetermined web

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Do you know that a mobile App can do for your business? Find out here!

Your business may be brand-new or an established one. Either way, if you go the mobile App way, it would only help and do you a world of good. You may be in the services industry or you are retailing a product, or maybe you are offering ...

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Want to know how SEO can help grow your business and boost your ROI?

With online presence and online interventions growing at an unstoppable pace, the focus is shifting more to the digital landscape. And that is why any business or service, wants visibility, will need to list their businesses not only on Yellow Pages or share posters or host billboards, ...

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