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Obligations of the Company- Nextweb

The company, Nextweb will design and develop the website within a period of 10 to 15 days from the day of entering into an agreement, or if it is delivering any other services, then the timeline will be determined accordingly which is from the date of entering into an agreement, of course.

After the creation of the first draft of the website, if the client/customer requests for changes and modifications to the website then Nextweb will most definitely make the changes, so much so, till we don’t get a customer’s sign-off, we don’t go live with the website. But for any changes to be incorporated, the Company is entitled to a reasonable amount of time for the said modifications to be made.

Nextweb will take care of the website validation.

If the customer/client uses or wants CMS-based web platforms or similar web platforms, Nextweb will carry out web designing and development to the exact stipulations of the client/customer and the web designs will be more or less based on the prescribed web platforms and/or the servers hosting them.

After the designated period, if the client/customer desires to transfer their website from another server to the Nextweb server, then Nextweb shall provide requisite information to the customer based on the said processes to be adopted for facilitating such a transfer.

Based on a domain that makes a good fitment, Nextweb engages in services that befit client requirements. And this will include buying domain URLs, website design and development and subsequent, SEO, SEM and App design and development services.

If the client/customer were to seek only web hosting services, then Nextweb will definitely adhere to that request.

If the customer opts for a web hosting service, Nextweb shall provide unlimited email identities and unlimited traffic to the Customer’s website free of cost for a period of up to a period of 1 year from the date of successfully creating, designing, and hosting the client/customer’s website.

Nextweb shall offer regular updates and information to the customer.