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Social Media

Social media and search engines are directly and indirectly related. Social media is the source of feeds, posts and fresh content and news items that in a way feeds the search activities on search engines like Google.

Social media goes a step further it helps build links in such a way that any good SEO strategies will definitely work and show good results.

What is Social Media?

Social media is all about a set of socially interactive websites that are made by people, made for the people and made up of people.

Social media lets people share content fast and in a simple way and in real-time.

Social media gives the users the freedom to post just about anything. It could be text, images, videos, animations, events, share personal details, photos, and also share their opinions and speak their mind.

Further to this, people visit social media sites to carry out searches only in the social media sites and this in a way creates a search network of its own. And all of this helps search results within the social media sites and also search engines.