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PPC is basically a ‘pay-per-click’ option that is specifically part of online marketing campaigns. For this, the marketing specialists and the advertisers pay a charge every time their advertisements are clicked. So these essentially are paid searches and these wouldn’t fall under the organic search category.

This is a form of online advertising purely created for the search engines. And search engine advertising is also the most well-known of all the PPC campaign models. So as part of this, the digital marketing specialists will bid for placing an ad which seems more like a sponsored link anywhere on the search engine and will show up when a relevant keyword is searched and is related to the business or service. A simple example is if you own a cleaning services company, and if someone searches for end of lease cleaning services, then your ad will show up on the Google search engine page, because of a couple factors, you are a cleaning services company from around the neighbourhood who also offers end of lease cleaning services and you have opted for the PPC ad campaign.

And yes, the most popular and well-known form of PPC which everyone will surely know and acknowledge would be the Google adwords as it is said to be the best form of PPC advertising that exists as of today.

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