Mobile App Development

Why Mobile App development?

We’ve executed software projects across iOS, Android, Web and Mobile. Our deep development experience allows us to work closely with your internal stakeholders in a highly collaborative laravl environment.


Android App Development

Android is huge. Currently there are just below 1 billion android users, with 1 million activations each day. While iOS leads in terms of revenues, the average Android revenue is growing fast and so the future is bright if you play for the long term.

Aside from market size and positive revenue growth, publishing your app on Google Play is incredibly easy. Google Play also provides a robust search capability, making it easier for users to discover your app.

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iOS App Development

While Android offers an exposure to more potential users, iOS offers more revenue and user loyalty. According to latest reports, Appstore offers 5 times more revenue per download, with much higher user retention rates. iOS also holds a relatively high market share in North America, Europe and Australia (around 50%). If your app relies on early revenue or targets one of the western world markets, iOS is a very viable first choice. There are fewer apps to compete with and higher chances of getting to revenue fast. This can prove to be a key choice, especially if your product or startup requires capital to run.

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Enterprise App Development

Apps are literally present everywhere. We are now so attuned and conditioned to Apps that we rely on it for a lot of our day-to-day interactions and references. It may sound incredulous, but it is true, our subsistence seems to be defined by the presence of the many different Apps made available on different OS platforms. It is in a way very disruptive by nature and it is changing the way companies do business. Business models are also changing and adapting to the way Apps function. And not just this, Apps are making way for new business plans, is proving dependable, and is also becoming a revenue generator of sorts. And yes, since Apps are so important, NextWeb is right with you to help you our clients’ realize your maximum potential by way of Apps.

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Web App Development

Web App is essentially a program that is operable on any browser. One of the best examples here would be Google Docs. Content and design is the main focus in a website, whereas, Web App is more attuned to understanding user interface and interaction.

Web Apps are designed in a way that they incorporate the available programming principles and practices and make the best use of it. And if you have a website, where the content is constantly evolving or changing, then the Web App is majorly at play because the audience keep changing and it keeps getting bigger and there’s that much more to manage and cater to.

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Quality Assurance and Testing

Quality is often considered a second place priority or something that’s dealt with on the go.

The quality of your source code is something you will have to deal with years from now and it’s not uncommon to see startups losing their users because of usability problems and security issues that were not addressed early in their product stage.

We believe quality is absolutely essential.