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Logo Design

A logo is an icon or a design that symbolizes a particular company, brand, service or even organization. The logo is graphically represented and is a combination of design, symbol, imagery, colour and size. The name or the abbreviation of the business name or even service type is thematically captured in a logo so that it attracts people. Eventually, people will recognize a business merely by its logo.

What is the purpose of logo design?

As simple as it may look and sound, the logo design has a lot of ground to cover. The logo should not only speak for the brand or business but it should also register in people’s minds.

The logo design is the face of the business, entity and brand

When designing or creating a logo, in addition to having eye-catching elements, it should also blend in well with the theme and type of business. For example, a logo for a digital marketing company should represent digital marketing and also blend in the business name and showcase it.

The logo design builds brand recall and also trust

A logo is designed. It serves its full purpose only if people instantly recognize or if they are seeing it for the first-time, they take notice of it. Along the way, as the brand becomes well-known and bigger, it is the logo that always bridges the gap or offers that instant recall. Also people tend to trust the brand because of its apt logo.

You stand out amongst your peer thanks to your logo design

  • If you really want to stand out and be ahead of your competition, having a logo design that becomes the face of your brand or business makes great sense.
  • For ex., if you see the McDonalds logo just about anywhere, you will immediately recognize it. This is because the logo is ingrained in your mind. As a business, McDonalds will have a greater recall value and stand out amongst its competitors thanks to its intuitive, simple, catchy logo design.

A good logo design will more than do its job!

Yes. When an intuitive graphic designer or a team of graphic designers come up with a catchy logo design, it will ring in positivity and a range of benefits. As the logo design will capture the essence of your business, and brand value, before you know it, you will be regarded for whatever service you offer.

Interested? Want a new logo design?

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