Keyword Research

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Keyword Research

As per Wikipedia, “Keyword research is a practice search engine optimization (SEO) professionals use to find and research alternative search terms that people enter into search engines while looking for a similar subject. It's easy to rank said keywords when there is the right amount of content and backlinks to match.”

The importance of keywords

Keywords are very critical and hold the key to a successful SEO campaign. Basically keywords can be single, individual words, a phrase or a collection of words that are entered by a user on any search engine page. It is a single keyword or a set of keywords that really will help the search engine to find the relevant websites and feature them as per their individual ranking and relevance.

That is why, when keywords, meta tags and meta descriptions are being undertaken for any client as per the SEO process, then if the keywords are rich, and high in search volume and is a popular keyword term that is on an average used a lot locally and also across a wider reach are the keywords that have to be incorporated for the client too. Most of all, most commonly searched words or keywords too should be factored in. Most of all, it should not be too general but should also apply to the type of service or business.

Therefore, for good online visibility and to bring the ratings of your website up on the Google search engine, the support of good keywords is required.

How can Nextweb help you out in the SEO-driven keyword research?

  • We will do a round of extensive keyword research, by doing thorough checks, analysis, and also employing keyword research tools to arrive at the right mix of keywords that will help promote and also increase your search visibility. Over time, your ranking too will improve thanks to the right choice of keywords that are present in the content.
  • We will only use keywords that go with your type of business and also specifically target each and every web page on your website individually. Accordingly, we devise the keywords based on the type of webpage, the URL and what content is featured.
  • Since we have been at this for a considerable amount of time, keywords are literally second nature to us and we run successful SEO campaigns thanks to our dependable and result-oriented keyword research.

In relation, here are a couple benefits of good keyword research

When the targeted audience out the right keyword search and if those keywords are present in your website, then you show up and this way you attract the right audience based on location, service and other parameters. When content is engaging and interesting and it has a good mix of keywords, then it is a great combo and works very well for the website.

Good keywords and supporting content ensures better conversion rates. And the ROI is a lot more. Long tail keywords have additional benefits and this too should be explored well, so that when users add in longer keywords, then it becomes an almost exact match and that way our website is made visible.

So, you have learnt a lot about keyword research and its importance, if you haven’t got a round of SEO enabled keyword research done, then it’s time you connect with Nextweb for this.