Google Penalty Recovery

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Google Penalty Recovery

If ever you are penalized or punished for not following the Google search engine rules and guidelines, then you can be penalized by Google. For most businesses, since online presence is very important, and to maintain good presence and rank well on Google is very important, so a penalty can be setback. But with effective tools and strategies like Google penalty recovery can get you back on track and gain your lost ranking too.

It is but natural that you go in for a website revamp or makeover, and the changes are something you have wanted to make for your website.

You want a new look and design and coupled with it, you go in for a new logo too. All in all, you are so excited and you feel your new website will set the cash registers ringing.

But the exact opposite happens. Your website ranking seems to be pulled down. You don’t get any enquiry, and there are no good conversions or leads and customers are not even calling you to schedule an appointment or to share a query or feedback too.

Suddenly, alarm bells are ringing and you want to get to the bottom of what suddenly happened, what is it that changed or what did go wrong post the website revamp? There are a lot of questions you have and most of all, a Google Penalty has also been slapped on you.

In simple words, what is Google Penalty?

Google Penalty is a negative brunt that your website or online presence suffers. Your search rankings will come down after the Google algorithm found something not acceptable in your website and that is when the Google Penalty is imposed. Google has some set parameters when they rank and rate web pages and websites. They simply don’t just do it. If ever Google feels that there are some copied elements as in content or images or if some false practices are followed, then Google sets out on punishing in their own way.

How Nextweb can help identify, rectify and fix the Google Penalty

  • When a Google Penalty has been handed out, we first find out why and what is the nature of the penalty. Is it an automated penalty that is served via the Google algorithms or whether it is a manual Google Penalty.
  • We then check the website end-to-end and then identify potential causes and issues. If there are any unnecessary backend links, we remove them. Any material that can be treated as spam is eliminated.
  • We also check images and content and if there are any issues here, that is also set right.
  • We see to that there is no duplicate or plagiarised content on the website.
  • We check if the SEO processes are as per best practices and there is nothing amiss there.
  • We check if there are any backlinks that are not good for the business, we remove that accordingly.
  • We make the changes, tweaks here and there and make it as user-friendly as possible.

Anytime you want an email marketing done for your company or service, you know what to do, right?
Yes. We at Nextweb are awaiting your call!

We make the changes, tweaks here and there and make it as user-friendly as possible.

Never ever fall into despair or worry if Google Penalty has been imposed. The SEO experts at Nextweb are geared to take on and take care of this and ensure that Google Penalty Recovery is achieved. All that you have to do is this- just trust us! And rely on our services and expertise!