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Easy to integrate

Whatever handheld devices or any type of device be it a smart phone, or a tab, most of these devices will support or meet the minimum requisite when it comes to downloading Next Web‘s BIGAPP. But since we are rolling it out in phases and owing to the fact that there are many makes and models out there, absolute compatibility can only be made certain for a couple „preferred devices” for which we have tested and ok‘d at our end.

At present, BIGAPP is perfectly compatible with Android and iOS platforms. And accordingly are available on both the Google playstore and App Store.


Anytime Support

You can be rest assured that you are an esteemed customer of NextWeb and any updates, bugs/fixes is not a reason for your to worry about. We will make sure that your business runs unhindered.

  • Our servers are hosted in the cloud and are in-step with what is the latest in data hosting technology
  • We offer 99.9% uptime for all your Mobile Apps
  • Secured login and interactions offered