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Yes. You sure can. That is an option we have made available for our customers. Our mobile App plan lets you try a demo version for free, for a limited time only- If interested you can sign up here, right now!

If you want to upload your App to either Google Play or the App Store, you may need to have a developer account so that your App is made available in both these platforms. If you need any assistance to buy or set up a developer account, the Nextweb team can help you out in this.

We have stringent policies and processes in place when it comes to our App design and development. Because our keen focus is good UI and the quality of the Apps that will have to adhere to client requirements and also make a splash and create a presence for itself on the play store or App store. So, that is why our team members strive to create Apps that fit the bill within the committed time period.

So, if you want to know a general timeframe from start to finish, which is from conceiving of the App design to its being made available for ready download on the Google Play store or the App store, is give or take about 3 months. But, please keep in mind, if the projects are of a complex or have too many aspects to it, the time taken would be higher, which can only be determined on a case-by-case basis.

In short, since we offer customised Apps services and solutions, the time taken too would differ and vary accordingly.

Yes. You can preview your App using our mobile App, Nextweb Now. You can also invite your friends or family to preview your App. You can do so by creating a shareable URL with Nextweb. Whoever you invite to check and preview your App will have to download the Nextweb Now App in order to preview your App on their respective devices.

It is a good question. And to answer your question, the publishing aspect is free when you have opted for a Small Business or Enterprise account. In case you have subscribed to a Designer account, you have to pay for every app that you publish. The said publishing charges or fee is applicable to both the Google Play Store and the iOS powered App Store. So when is a publishing fee chargeable? It is applicable every time you ask Nextweb to submit your App to the App stores, or when you ask to receive the final application file directly for you to share out yourself.

For projects of greater/higher value we work on milestones-based payments.

A couple typical milestones are:

Approval of the project and giving your go-ahead

At the stage of developing the App prototype

During project completion

At completion when the App is developed and ready to be uploaded to either the Google

Play Store or App Store

Yes. There is a NDA that we will enter into with you. And we will provide the same which you will have to sign and share it back with us.

No. That is why you have hired experts like Nextweb to take care of the mobile App creation. So this is one area you don't have to worry. Nextweb takes care of the work completely. This includes the design and developing of the App and sharing it for final download from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

And apart from sharing a couple pertinent details, we take care of the design, the UI, the content and graphics that will accompany your App. Just to let you know, your requisite to create a mobile App from inception to completion is the responsibility of Nextweb.

Also, if there are any updates on your Appvia the Nextweb CMS platform, you do not pay for the content related updates.

It is your name or your company’s name that is listed as the designated publisher of the mobile App. This way, in either App Store, there is no suggestion that Nextweb actually built and designed your mobile App. The reason is simple. We need our customers to have an Apple or Google developer account so as to activate their mobile App on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Approval times can vary depending upon the app's content and complexity. We recommend customers plan for 1 - 2 weeks in the submission process. Apple makes a reasonable effort to finish reviews within a week. However, if your app is rejected, you may experience a week long delay for the next review.

Google Play does not have a detailed review process. Once your app is uploaded to Google Play, it's usually available within an hour.

Please note, if you have subscribed to the Nextweb App, then you can download it that is all. But you cannot override, change, revise, edit, alter or try to change the basic nature of the App’s design and coding too.

In the event you cancel your subscription, your App and its functionalities will not be visible to your users. The App will not have any display and thereby users will not be able to use the App. If you want to, you may opt for the bundled App system. Bundled apps tend to continue working even if the subscription is cancelled.

But the clear disadvantage here is that bundled Apps will not receive the latest updates, push notifications or even any new, updated content or contacts list from the Nextweb CMS tool. Bundled Apps are bigger in file size. This is because the packaging of your App’s content when first downloading is larger in size. When in doubt, always ask. The Nextweb team is always happy to help out when you are faced with such options.

There are no issues in this regard. In the event you want to cancel at anytime, then you can do so. Just inform us. You may call us and also send an email to confirm the same. And you will not be billed from the date you want to stop using our services.

Yes. Nextweb offers all the support for any in-app buying you would need.

Yes. You sure can. If you want to create forms to aid in your business activity, the best and the easiest way to do so is to add or embed a form into the Nextweb mobile App. The forms that you can use would be Formstack, user-friendly Google Forms, and/or Wufoo.

Not to worry, if you can’t do it at your end, then the Nextweb experts will add the Forms for you, all that you have to do is to just ask!