Facebook Advertising

It’s about time you got yourself out there!

Facebook Advertising

If you create a page for your business on the social media site, Facebook, then it is Facebook advertising. Once you create an exclusive presence for your business on FB, Facebook users, depending upon their interests, activity, location, demographics, interests, subscriptions and the device use, will see the business advert on Facebook.

Do you know this? An average individual spends about 28% of their time online on different social media networks and websites. This translates to about 1.72. hours a day. That is a lot of time and since they are so on surfing on the net, it makes good sense to reach out to them through Facebook itself as it is a social media site too.

Here are some statistics about the social media website Facebook:

  • At least a whopping 2 billion people come to Facebook every month. And the numbers will only increase.
  • It is said that at least 1 in every 5 people in the US are accessing Facebook and Instagram (a popular social media website owned by Facebook) on their mobile.
  • And many millions of people use the Facebook and Instagram App every day.
How would Nextweb go about getting the Facebook advertisement campaign going for you?

  • You can choose the audience or the people you want to target via Facebook advertising. You can decide the location, demographics and the type of people you want to target for your ads on Facebook.
  • If you have any promotions or offers running, a campaign on your Facebook page is a good way to get the right user attention. This way, many people may subscribe to your website.
  • You don't need a specific budget to run advertisements on Facebook. You can fix any budget. Whatever you can allocate that can be used in the best way possible.
  • Facebook ads can be a video, image, update, text, post, photo, slideshow, canvas or a carousel of many images shared together.

The benefits of Facebook advertising include:

  • You can better your reach and access to people in a lot better manner thanks to the Facebook ads.
  • It is a great opportunity and a great way to reach out to people.
  • The content and image promotions are highly scalable and workable via FB advertising.
  • FB ads are a great way to remarket your brand and business.
  • If a visitor just visits your FB business page, and if they impressed by what they see, then you get more leads and conversions.