E-Mail Marketing

Snail mail to email- We’ve come a long way!

Our E-Marketing Services

Email marketing is a proven time-tested and effective marketing initiative. Emails serve as the vehicle to promote, announce and advertise about the business and services. So existing and potential customers’ receive emails about any new company initiatives, releases, offers or services. This is a very effective way of marketing and is much personalised too.

Whatever is the size of the business, whether a small or medium business or a large enterprise, emails forms the very basis of communication. Be it internal communications, or communications with clients or business exchanges, the types of emails vary and are many. And in this regard, if any special marketing campaign is kick-started, and you want to target or connect with existing and newer customers’, then email marketing is what it is.

Emails become the vehicles that act as promotion agents for any launches, services, products or announcements, updates and offers. With the help of email marketing, you not only establish a personal connect with existing customers but also new, potential customers are also reached out to. Email marketing and direct mails are practically one and the same and it is in a way an internet marketing method.

If email marketing is not well-received, then it is considered as spam and customers don’t really read or open it. But in a way, customers stay informed and most times messages are specifically tailored with messages aimed at both existing and probable customers’.

Studies Have Proven That

  • Over 94% of online users use and rely only on emails
  • About 75% of adult who are online, prefer email marketing as the best way to market
  • If there is an "opt-in" feature of email created, then consensual direct marketing can happen
  • Email marketing can specifically target, people by age, location, occupation and demographics
  • Email messages are at times more effective than messages shared on social media
  • Emails do offer good traction and conversions too

Do you want to run an email marketing campaign for your business?

If the answer is yes and you want to get an effective email marketing done for your business promotion, then connect with the digital marketing experts at Nextweb to get this done. We will create effective email marketing for you that is customised and tailored to your needs and then share it with your existing client list or source a mailing list of new customers and share it with them also. And once this is done, you will definitely reap more than a benefit or two.

A couple email marketing benefits include:

  • Costs are typically lesser than any other type of email marketing campaign.
  • You can specifically target your favourites, customers or people you want to share the emails with.
  • It is easy to create and follow-up too is easy.
  • The call to action is better established with email marketing. At times, just by seeing an email that announces a special offer or prize, people immediately click on it or jump to action.
  • With just a click of a button, you can share an email to many users’. And therefore, it is very easy to share.
  • Emails do offer good traction and conversions too

Anytime you want an email marketing done for your company or service, you know what to do, right?
Yes. We at Nextweb are awaiting your call!