Proposal for Ecommerce Website Development

Proposal for Ecommerce

  • New Intuitive design for better UI & UX
  • Includes Multilingual & Multi-currency system which gives the best user experience. It allows the visitors to view the website in their own preferred way.
  • Provides a market place where customers can buy new, used &
  • refurbished products. Cash on Delivery option available for users.
  • Unlimited number of site Users and Products Listing
  • Note: Our scripts do not limit the number of users or products but beyond 100,000 Users and 100,000 Products – You will need a more powerful server/hosting service and may be some optimization into the scripts and Database also as the database size and concurrent users count increase. Ideally we recommend that you should have the hosting budget of 100 USD per month if the average daily visitors count is up to 1000 Visitors. This budget should increase at least in the same proportion when your user base/average daily visitors count is increasing.

  • Free registration/membership for users (Buyers).
  • Member Sign-up, Login & Forgot Password
  • Sign-in/Login with Facebook & Google+
  • Promotions & Advertisements of
  • Products/Shops/Banners Ability to List Products with
  • YouTube URL Videos. Payment Gateway Integration
  • Printable Orders
  • Post Reviews, Ratings & Comments for Products listing.
  • Note: Default status manageable from admin area: Approval Pending or Approved. Only approved reviews/ratings/comments can be displayed to the public.

  • Feedback System (Buyer can submit feedback on their purchased products)
  • Referral Module (On/O by Admin)

    1. Users can share unique URL & earn reward points through referral module system.

    2. Admin can manage the reward points for referrers as well as referrals on registration and first purchase.

  • Social Media Sharing via Facebook, Twitter and Email to
  • Friend Subscribe and unsubscribe to e-mail newsletters
  • Note: Mass Mailing will be powered by Mail Chimp as selected by Admin.

  • Email Notification & Alert - Mandrill and Mail Chimp Integration for sending out emails.
  • Spam mail filter/Captcha in the Contact Form
  • FAQs listing & website Testimonials
  • Fully Responsive Design for PCs, Tablets and Smart Phones with SEO Friendly URLs.
  • Homepage Slides (Manageable from Backend and can be added from Admin)
  • Banners (Manageable from Backend and can be added from Admin)
  • Collections for Shops, Products & Categories can be shown on Homepage (Manageable from the backend. Admin can set the layout preference and list shops, products & categories)
  • Promoted Products and Shops can be listed on the homepage. (Manageable from the backend. Admin can set the layout preference and list shops, products & categories).
  • Wholesale for the products can be added by Admin.
  • Advertiser Program (Pay Per Click – Management to promote the advertisements on homepage sliders and banners)
  • Blog
Brands & Categories listings
Products listing
Multiple Product Variations/Attributes
Product Options
Product Description, Images & Video
Products Stock/Inventory
Product Discount price
Product Shipping
Products Stock/Inventory
Product details
Product Images slider
Shipping & Policies
Product Specifications
Product Options
Recommended Products
Reviews of product
Ask a question to seller
  • Keyword Search with Auto-suggest system.
  • Product Search with Category Filter
  • Filtering by Brand, Category, Sub-category, Price and Product Attributes Search.
  • Product Filter with Instant listing
  • Exclude Out Of Stock
  • Browse/Filter product listing by Category, Brand, Price etc.
  • Shopping Cart can be integrated with SSL
  • Certificates Payment options

    1. By Credit Card/Debit Card etc (Depending upon the payment gateway activated/integrated)

    2. Cash On Delivery

    3. Transfer to Bank

  • Tax Management – Admin can set the tax rate for di erent type of products.
  • Customizable Shipping & Delivery charges (Admin can manage Shipping & Delivery Charges for di erent countries/Shipping companies while listing a product)
  • Option to manage Wish list Items
  • Billing & Shipping Addresses Management
  • Orders History & Order Confirmation
  • Order Invoice & Notification Emails
  • Discount coupons (Manageable from the backend)
  • Buyers can search products with category filter to easily view what they want.
  • Buyers can shop on the system under di erent categories.
  • New Arrivals and Featured Products (manageable by portal admin team).
  • Buyer can create multiple wish lists and can add their favorite products to any of the wish lists.
  • Buyer can save search criteria for products.
  • Auto-zoom of a selected product image on the product details
  • page Option to Write Reviews for the Purchased Products.
  • Smart Recommendations (Global and User specific).
  • Easy checkout for the products added to Shopping cart.
  • Ability to use Discount coupons on Checkout page. Added coupons will be displayed on the shopping cart.
  • Ability to add Products and Shops into their Favorite list.
  • Social Media Sharing options
  • Option to Save multiple Delivery and Billing Addresses with facility to mark any address as Default Delivery or Billing Address
  • Ability to Track Orders & Purchase History
  • Print Orders
  • Ability to re-order the product(s) from the previous
  • orders Update Profile & Account Settings

    1. Latest Orders

    2. Total Credits

    My Orders
    Cancellation Requests
    Order Return Requests
  • In dashboard, buyer can view following info:

    1. Total Orders

  • Addresses

    1. My Addresses

  • Rewards
    Reward Points
    Share & Earn
    My Orders
  • Automated Email notifications for products in wish list
  • Automated Email notifications for products in the cart
  • Profile
  • My Account
  • Wishlist/Favorites
  • Change Password
  • Request for cancellation & Refund for the orders placed
  • Ability to edit personal information
  • FAQs
  • Phone Support (Admin can add its phone number on the portal).
  • Live Chat Support – Live Chat will be powered by 3rd party application to be acquired by client. Via admin settings you can place the widget code.
  • Manage Admin/Backend Team Groups and Team Members. Groups can be assigned permissions to access di erent modules. Team Members are attached to at least one group.
    *Super admin user has full control over all modules.
  • On Dashboard, we have following info available:

    New Users: Total number of users with users of current per month

    Order Sales: Total sales of site with sales of current month

    Sales Earnings: Commission earned by admin with current month earnings

    Statistics: Total statistics regarding sales, sales earnings, signups, products published, a liate signups etc.

    Lifetime Sales Statistics: Total sales, Total sales earnings, Avg order size.

    Visitor Statistics: Total visitor stats of website by weekly, monthly.

  • Traffic Sources: Total tra c source can be viewed and categorized by today, weekly, monthly and yearly. Visitors from Social media.
  • Top Products: Admin can view top products as per their selling quantity.
  • Top Referrers: Admin can view top referrers on the system.
  • Top Countries: Admin can view top countries on the system.
  • Top Search Terms: Admin can view top search terms on the system.
  • Conversion Statistics: Percentage conversion can be viewed for Added to cart, reached checkout, purchased and cancelled.
  • Orders: Total number of orders.
  • Signups: Total number of signups.

    Products: Total number of products available in the system.

  • Recent Orders: Admin can view recent orders placed by buyers.
  • Manage Filter Groups and Filter Options
  • Manage Product Brands & Categories
  • Manage Product options and option groups
  • Manage Product Tags
  • Manage Products Stock/Inventory
  • Manage Featured Products (Admin can mark a product as featured while adding/Editing a product and these products are listed in Featured products page)
  • Manage Users and their Profile & Account activities
  • Manage Shipping company users (To whom the shipping of products will be assigned by admin if admin need to ship the products)
  • Ability to approve/cancel the product/shop reviews
  • Manage Admin Users
  • Manage Color Theme of the website
  • View Notifications (important notifications related to user activities)
  • Manage Referral Module/Reward Points
  • View Notifications (important notifications related to user activities)
  • Manage Referral Module/Reward Points
  • Ability to view & manage Orders placed by Buyers. There are following options under manage orders:

    Customer Orders

    Vendor Orders

    Return Requests

    Withdrawal requests

  • Review and Ratings Moderation
  • Manage Newsletters listing.

    Comment: Mass Mailing / Newsletters listings are handled / manageable via MailChimp

  • login area
  • Manage Shipping Companies and Duration Labels
  • Manage Shipping API (Shipstation API to calculate the live rates for shipping)
  • Manage Sales Tax (Tax can be added for di erent tax categories like Electronic Goods, Clothing, etc.)
  • Manage Discounts, Reward and Birthday Rewards.
  • Manage Countries, Zones & States
  • Reports
  • Sales Reports: Date wise sales report Vendor Orders
  • Users Report: User wise sales report
  • Products: Product wise sales info
  • Tax info: Shop wise tax report
  • Email templates: Admin can customize the following email templates available in the system:

    Sign up/Registration

    Email Configuration on Registration

    Forgot password

    Contact us

    Customer Order email

    Product Review Notification

    Send message

    Email verification

    Newsletter Subscription verification email

    Invitation Email

    Report a shop

    Admin order email

    Admin order for customer – Notification (And many more)

    Manage theme of the website (Frontend color theme can be customized as per the requirement)

    Manage Blog

    Manage URL Rewriting

  • Reviews & Ratings and Comments Features
  • Reviews & Ratings for Products
  • Product Comments and Share on Social Media
  • By default all reviews/ratings go to admin/backend team for approval. However admin/backend team can setup the default status to be: New Pending, Approved or
  • Ability to manage(add/edit/delete)Content on the site pages
  • Ability to manage Menus and Links of the pages by using Navigation Management.
  • Ability to manage images on the pages
  • Ability to manage content block
  • Ability to manage FAQs Categories & FAQs Listing
  • Option to create SEO ready pages by the CMS including the Meta tags, Title Tags and SEO Friendly URL.
  • Slides Management (Slides for Homepage) Banner
  • Management Manage list of shipping companies Manage
  • Shipping duration Labels Labels Management (Manage Headings/Labels Displayed in front end & Backend)
  • General: Site owner email, Site address, Site telephone, logo etc.

    Local: Admin Common Settings, Time zone, Currency etc.

    SEO: Site tracker code and Twitter username.

    Option:Admin can set all the settings of the website under this tab.

    Live Chat: Admin can enable/disable the live chat service and add the live chat code.

    Third party API Key’s, id (Facebook and Google)

    Email: Admin can set the basic email settings with SMTP email settings.

    Sharing: Share & Earn Settings

    Referral: Referral module can be enabled/disabled and settings can be

    Media: Media settings like admin logo, email logo, etc. can be managed.

    Email: Update SMTP settings for site

    Server: Enable/Disable maintenance mode

  • Products & their Attributes Settings
  • Country and state Management
  • Shipping Countries Management
  • Ship-station API (Shipping Price calculation)
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Manufacturers
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Language
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Ratings
  • Open Source
  • Free Documentation
  • Contributed Templates
  • 20+ Payment Gateways
  • 8+ Shipping Methods

It’s elegant and easy to use admin panel consists of powerful marketing tools along with other excellent merchandising and content management tools. This allows merchants to power their sites with professionalism and smooth user experience and boosts their online reach to a maximum. Our mobile application solutions for e-Commerce are top-of-the-line, with essential features to please both customers and retailers. Here’s a look at what you stand you get out of your endeavour when you sign-up with us.

  • Push notifications for quicker actions
  • Integration of payment and shipping gateways
  • Simple, non-lengthy registration process
  • Beautifully-designed themes
  • Custom logos and colour schemes
  • Quick web store to app updates
  • Multiple language support
  • Built-in analytics
  • Bookmarking feature and wishlists
  • Intelligent algorithms to display related products
  • Rapid checkout procedure