Do you have your own domain? Time to get one!


Once you get a domain name for yourself, it is completely in your control and is allotted to you only.

For this, you have register in the DNS- domain naming system and then see if the domain name you seek is available. If it is you can pay for a period of your choice and buy it.

Domain names come in different levels and they are spaced out based on a period or a dot. A domain name is basically locked into an URL- the uniform resource locator.

For example, Wherein, the www is the URL connection and the word Google and the .com after it are the domain names.

Both URLs and domain names are not the same. But the domain names are part of the URL thread.

Are you looking for a domain name for your business? Or do you want to renew your domain name?

  • Well, if you haven’t gotten yourself a domain name, then you cannot have your own individual representation online. So, if you want one, and want to have a website and an online presence for your business or service, then you need to get in touch with experts at the digital marketing company, Nextweb and get a domain name for yourself.
  • If you already have one and Nextweb is maintaining it for you, then when it is time for its renewal we will take care of it for you. If you have any timeframe you want the domain name renewed for, then just let us know.
  • Just suppose you already have a domain name registered, but it is maintained and hosted by someone else, not to worry, if you want it transferred, then just share the codes and the passwords and Nextweb will get that done for you.
  • And yes, an annual fee or there is a fee payable for domain name renewal and maintenance.

How do we get a domain name?

Just remember these special points as to how to apply for a domain name and the dos and don’ts:

  • Only ASCII characters or letters are accepted when applying for a domain name.
  • You cannot get a domain name in your own native language or a script of your choice.
  • Domain names are only written in lowercase.
  • There are both special and generic domain names available.
  • If a domain name is already taken and you still want the same, then you can buy the domain name from the owner for a sum.
  • A domain name is a nice unique way to identify you online.

So, if you are looking for a domain name, then just get in touch with us anytime! And we will get one that suits your business perfectly well!