Google Display Advertising

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Google Display Advertising

The image advertisements that appear on a Google Display Network is Google Display Advertising. Basically these ads are more image-based with no text and it relies on Flash, video or other software to feature it. This also has a good presence and is a value-add for any business.

Contextually, Google Display Advertising is the largest form of advertising that is there online today. As there are so many websites on the internet and with so many people online, all that advertisers need to do is to make use of this type of advertising and target people accordingly.

If you want to reach out to the right people, want to create an audience and let people take note of you, then this way of advertising will get you all the traction and presence you need.

It is said that over 20% of the adwords traffic is the Google Display Network and its reach extends to over 90% of people who surf online. And the numbers will only grow as the network grows. So, if companies want to promote their brand or service, then this is a good way to understand and utilize the great power it has in terms of reach and acceptance online.

This platform can really be revenue-generating if used in the right way. The type of ads that you want featured can be decided by you and Google Display Network lets you post any type of ads including text ads, animated ads, video-based ads, and rich media ads.