Custom CMS

Now! How simplified is that?

Custom CMS

Custom CMS or content management system is created exclusively for a business or service to use. The platform caters to what the business requires and its functionality, interface and other features are customised to suit individual requirements.

Why and when should you opt for a Custom CMS- Content Management System?

  • The well-known Custom content management systems are Drupal, Joomla and WordPress. But one thing, you have to keep in mind is that you cannot have a common Custom CMS platform. And it is not like one type will suit all businesses, requirements and scenarios. Needs vary, and also plans and means vary too.
  • If you need to have a lot of security features in place or if you want to add a payment gateway or you deal with some technology-related security services, then you need a Custom CMS. This way, you can decide what you should have on the platform, how to keep it safe and secure and you can also operate it and are fully in control of the website too.
  •  If your website requires a platform that is technologically advanced, or if you need to customize the website quite often, then it is best to go in for Custom CMS platforms.
  • If you want something minimalistic, simple and very user-friendly and you don’t really see it in many websites, then you should opt for a Custom CMS because this way, you can literally be the architect of your own website. You can share your suggestions and requirements and you can also make changes, small tweaks here and there whenever you want to or choose to.
Nextweb engages in Custom CMS design and development

And depending upon what was shared above and if you have any special requests over and above what is shared, then Nextweb will engage in the Custom CMS creation and will be able to create a Custom CMS website just the way you envisioned and for reasons that are known to you. Most of all, you are also in control of the website and you can make any changes that you want to at anytime.

Here are some advantages of Custom CMS websites:

  • The name itself says it all. There is scope for great customization and personalization. And a Custom CMS website is made-to-order in its literal sense. So with the right module and plugins and also an expert developer who can add in the relevant components, a custom CMS will serve the need of the hour.
  • The functionality and practicality of a custom CMS site is huge. Whatever goals you want to achieve or the reasons you preferred this is easily achievable. And so even with constant updates and newer versions of the Custom CMS platform, it can still be maintained and managed easily.
  • If you want to manage your website easily and with not too many hassles, the Custom CMS platform works best.
  • Custom CMS websites be it Drupal or WordPress are very safe and secure and since it is built on dependable outlines and framework, it will not crash or no one can easily hack into the website. Thanks to the way the CMS platform is designed.
  • The usability quotient and the user-friendly nature are very high in a Custom CMS platform. This way, users will be happy surfing and navigating through your website as it is simple to follow and use.