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Google My Business

Google My Business is basically a free, user-friendly and pretty easy to apply tool that is aimed for companies and businesses to manage and maintain their online presence on the Google search engine. This includes the maps and the search section. When you check and edit your business information and keep it updated, you are helping customers discover you and you share all relevant info about your business.

Understanding the Google My Business page

Google My Business was earlier known as Google Places. How this essentially helps a business is by helping business owners create, handle and operate free business listings on the Google Maps page. This way, when users carry out a local search, or use a specific keyword pertaining to your business or services, then the business listing with the business name, address and telephone numbers automatically features on the Google My Business page.

The Google My Business page also appears on the Google Earth and pages. And this way, when someone searches for a similar service, category or even specific name of the business, then your Google My Business Listing will appear.

If ever you have an Google Adwords account, then the My Google Business page comes in real handy as a connect is established because of the location connection.And if your business doesn’t have a website, then this Google My Business page is very helpful and will still give you a good presence online.

How would Nextweb be of help?

  • If you want a Google My Business page to be added on to the Google platform so as to give you unrestricted and constant online presence especially on the powerful Google search engine, then Nextweb will set up a Google My Business page exclusively for you.
  • For this, the relevant details like your website URL (that is if you have a website), category, types of service and products are added.Also other business info like address, email ID, contact details, working hours and other details are also featured here.
  • If you don’t have one, it is time you had one. And though it is never too late, still it is better to get a Google My Business page ASAP. Because people get an instantaneous search result the moment they search online. Your online presence also gets a seal of authentication as you feature on the Google My Business page.
  • We will help manage your Google presence by linking up your Google + page and your Google My Business page and this becomes the place where anyone would come to reach reviews, feedback, visit your URL and get other details.

The many advantages of having a Google My Business page for small and medium businesses

A couple email marketing benefits include:

  • You gain greater visibility when search results are targeted specifically your business name, location, or even service.
  • You will feature in Google Maps and also in location-based search results.
  • Your business, company or service gains greater exposure on the Google search engine thanks to the Google My Business page.
  • You will be able to get more clients and customers because your presence online is bigger and better and your business listing on the My Google Business page gives a good impression too.
  • So, if a user or person is searching on any device be it a smartphone, laptop or even tablet, your Google My Business page will appear on all, in spite of the device. And this makes great sense because in today’s day and age, it is mobile searches that are becoming increasingly popular and therefore has a greater impact.
  • Whatever info a customer wants about you or your business, is available immediately. This eases customer interaction and makes it seamless.
  • Everything is available on a single platform. So your contact details, website info, reviews, images and descriptions, social media links are made available in one platform which is so useful that users really find this a great way to get all the info in one place.

So, if you want Nextweb to create a Google My Business page, then you know the drill. Just tell us!