Google My Business Advertising

Knowing your audience the best way!

Google My Business Advertising

What this essentially translates to is any advertisements, promotions or campaigns that you run on the Google My Business page. This in a way gives the business or service a good online presence by itself. And this page offers good scope for visibility and notice ability.

Whatever be the type of business, whether small or big, or say you are a small corner shop that has been around for generations in the Melbourne CBD area or a nearby suburb. Or it could be a mom and pop store that has also been around for a long time. All of these businesses do sufficiently well owing to their local popularity and familiarity. People in the roundabouts will be in the know and will easily recognize your shop. Therefore, even though you are locally well-known, your reach is limited. Your visibility is only restricted to a suburb or locality. You are not known beyond. But if you want to be known beyond the local environs and want to be known state-wide or even nationwide, then you need to give yourself some online visibility.

And if you have never done it before or haven’t heard of it before, then you need to get in touch with good digital marketing agencies like Nextweb. We will do whatever is required wherein we will start small, by creating a My Google Business page and then start by giving you some online visibility this way and also advertise for you on your My Google Business page.

Now, the My Google Business page does not apply to only people who were never online before. It also applies to customers’ who have a website and considerable online presence.

And advertising through the My Google Business page has shown considerable benefits.

  • Once you get yourself online on Google and your service or business is listed, then when someone is searching for a service like yours in your suburb or location, then your details and My Google business page will automatically appear. Together with this, if you have any advertisement campaign running, then the prospective customer will get to see this too.
  • A call only advertisement campaign too can be run. This way, customers will call you directly on the listed telephone number and make enquiries. This results in direct conversions and assured sales too.
  • Since your ads are mostly location-based, then you get direct calls or your local customers seek you out directly and fast.
  • There’s more, but rather than sharing the same with you, why don’t you get on a phone and connect with Nextweb and get a My Google Business page done, that is if you haven’t got one for yourself and the next step is to get an advertisement campaign running.

So! What are you waiting for? Connect with us like now!