Android App Development

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Android App Development

Android is a software and Linux based OS that is created specifically for mobile phones and devices like tablets and smartphones. This is developed and maintained by Google and is created solely as a mobile service platform.

As per a May 2017 study, there are over two billion active Android subscribers either in the form of mobile Apps or even smartphones. And this number is only growing and rapidly increasing. In fact it is said, that over 4000 devices and counting are powered by the Android OS platform. And over 80% smartphones and over 70% of tablets that are sold in the market today are based on Android.

The power and reach of Android

The Google powered Android mobile platform is extremely popular and much accepted mobile platform world over. And not simply does it seem to have a lion’s share of the mobile App space or to put it simply, almost all the smartphones run on the Android platform. Even though iOS gives it a strong competition, it has created such a presence for itself that its going is very strong and its presence is growing steadily and impressively that it doesn’t see any competition anytime in the near or distant future. That is how well-accepted it is.Anywhere you see or look around smartphones or mobile Apps, are powered by the Google-driven Android OS.

How Nextweb can help you out in the Android domain?

When it comes to our Android-based mobile Apps we have created Apps that are perfect for any mobile device, tablet, and smartphone.

Nextweb will give you a practical, scalable mobile Apps strategy that will get you more customers who are smartphone savvy and like to connect via mobile Apps. This is a market that you can explore to the hilt and in this Nextweb will help you out completely. And how would we do it? We will customise a mobile App that is perfect for your business and once it is officially made available on the Google Play Store, and when your customers’ both existing and new download the same, then there is no looking back ever. And that is where you should trust Nextweb, when we say it.

That is why if you are seeking mobile Apps for yourself, then you should definitely cash in by going for Android-based mobile Apps.