About Nextweb

We are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill, formulaic Company. And specifically so we are not your prescribed, conventional Mobile App development company. No! We are just something else! Packaged uniquely and presented differently, we are known as BIGAPP in the circles! We offer a range of Mobile App solutions befitting any or every business out there. Any business stems from a thought, an idea, or an opportunity, and that is how we align our thoughts and ideas to yours and devise an App that is all-encompassing and tailored just for you!

We are with you even after we have developed the Mobile App for you. We will be there behind the scenes, updating, fixing, upgrading, anticipating and pre-empting any issues that can arise when it comes to technology.

You can be rest assured that you are an esteemed customer of Next Web and updates, bugs, fixes, are our cup of tea and is not a spot of bother for you.

How BIG is my APP?

BIGAPP is fashioned in a way just so we could take the load off your shoulders! And in a way easing everything in the process starting from your interaction, communication, connection, association and more between you, the owner, or employer to your client/customer or employee.

Also the App features a very easy to navigate and understand and user-friendly interface, with a good number of features, screens and can handle as much users‘ at one time.

Once you finalize or place an order for a Mobile App from BIGAPP, we immediately get into action. We deploy an App once the purchase is made final. And we definitely want to inform you about one thing, in most cases or places, when you place an order for an App, you get only one App. But BIGAPP offers you 3 Apps for the price of one! That is the difference we make or that is how different we are!