“You can't just 'SEO' your website and be done. It's a forever moving goal post.” - Stoney Degeyter

Essentially, SEO is a means or a process of bringing in as much visibility, traffic, or visitors’ to your website and which is in turn facilitated by the search engines.

In this day and age, the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation cannot be stressed upon even more. Anybody, be it an office, business, service, company, organization, or an individual who has some form of an online presence or has a designated website, needs to get on the SEO bandwagon because only then will you have better traction in the online domain.

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And it is your individualized presence which is your website which is subject to thorough SEO-based analysis so as to understand how SEO can be applied so as to increase organic or natural traffic to the website.

If you are looking at a strong online presence or to build your online visibility, you need a good website which of course is bolstered with good SEO campaigns and techniques.

And what can NextWeb do for you when it comes to SEO?

  • One of the first steps to help build and bolster your online presence and one of the first steps in any SEO campaign are doing a business-based keyword analysis and research. The keywords will be pertinent to the type of business and what specific or related keywords visitors’ and customers’ are using to search for any specific business, service or say even a product. This could also be a location and area-based search.
  • Research and a proper strategy is the name of the game when it comes to effective SEO campaigns. For everything, we support it by strong research, evaluative measures, and background checks.
  • To aid us in this, we do a keyword research and analysis based on the above parameters and we thus determine the most searched and popular keywords and terms.
  • The other measures followed include, audits, effective content plans, content analysis, changes in the UI and design, on-page and off-page optimization, image analysis, competitive analysis and more.

So, if you are in the quest of strong SEO-backed solutions and services and not to miss, sure shot results thanks to effective SEO campaigns, give the experts and NextWeb a call, or shoot across an email and we will help you with the perfect, individualized, tailored SEO campaigns and solutions.

And before we sign off, NextWeb has an insightful quote to share, “If Content is King, then Conversion is Queen.” And that can only be brought about by effectual SEO campaigns and strategies.

SMO- Social Media Optimisation

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” -Seth Godin

The Power of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is omnipresent and omniscient. The power it wields in the online marketing world has to be seen to be believed and what really encompasses digital marketing? A lot comes under the purview of digital marketing. It includes email marketing, social media marketing, SEO or search engine optimization, PPC or pay per click advertising, PR or public relations, content marketing, affiliate marketing, viral marketing, online or website marketing, and influencer marketing.

As per the FT, Financial Times lexicon, digital marketing is defined as,

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“The marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. The key objective is to promote brands through various forms of digital media. Digital marketing extends beyond internet marketing to include channels that do not require the use of the internet.”

Digital marketing is proven more effectual than print ads or other traditional forms of advertising. The reach digital marketing has is a lot more all-encompassing, and can reach a larger audience with just using the online medium.

Social media is the rage these days. It seems to have caught on like wildfire and be it personal or professional, an individual, or even a company, all of them are taking to social media like no other.

The time is ripe and social media is proving to be the virtual boon to all those who seek to consolidate and get a firm footing via their online presence. And SMO or social media optimization is a process or a means to optimize specified information received via the may social media websites.

As per Investopedia, SMO is, “The use of social media networks to develop and manage an organization’s message. As a digital strategy, social media optimization can be used to increase awareness of new products and services, connect with customers, and ameliorate potential damaging news.”

The SMO strategy is to redirect visitors’ from the many social media websites to the actual brand’s website or say the company’s website because that is where the real information is. An SMO expert disseminates and processes inputs, messages, and feedback from various social media sites where the brand or the business has created a presence and they help manage it accordingly.

And SMO is something that NextWeb really specialises in. Our experience acts as the guiding force in our SMO work and processes therein. And NextWeb is so totally aware of the towering presence and influence of social media that whatever we do for you is done to deliver it right.

And here’s a quote substantiating the same. "We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media; the question is how well we DO it.” - Erik Qualman

So, "let's start a conversation," via social media, if you want to know more about SMO or social media marketing, connect with the folks at NextWeb now!

Signing off, here’s a powerful social media quote, that just underlines the importance of Social Media- “Social is the way our work gets discovered. Content that is truly exceptional, unique, and useful can earn tremendous awareness through social media, and that social amplification often leads to great links, which leads to great rankings.”- Rand Fishkin

What we do in an SEO campaign?

Research and Strategy

The first step in any successful online campaign is the initial research and analysis. In terms of SEO, this is finding out the keywords that your customers are using to find a product or service combined with a detailed strategy is vital.

This strategy may include technical On-Page SEO issues, content strategies, UX changes, and much more.

Technical Guidance & Assistance

Most developers will be aware of the basics of SEO, but rarely will they be specialists.

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Optimising can help bridge that gap, or remove the gap entirely with our technical SEO expertise.

We can either work with your existing developers to improve the technical SEO, or work directly on your website to make those changes ourselves.

Some of the general elements of On-Page SEO we look at include:

  • Content
  • Images
  • Website structure
  • Page load time
  • Server issues
  • XML sitemaps
  • Schema setup

Link Building

The other important aspect of a successful SEO campaign is ensuring the elements not on your website, that Google can see, are in order.

The first step is link building, which is no longer a numbers game, it's quality over quantity

We like to be flexible with the Off-Page SEO that we do, as something that works really well for one client might not have the same impact for the next.

Reporting and Analysis

Without proper analysis and reporting, the success of a campaign can be difficult to measure. Optimising prides ourselves on our monthly reviews and reporting, not only to provide transparency to our clients on the progress of their campaign, but also to allow us to review on the progress and strategise how we continue with positive momentum on the campaign.

Optimising uses proprietary ranking and reporting tools, as well as written, audio, and video mediums to provide you and your team with constant updates on your campaign.

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